There are some who are wonderfully endowed with the gift of song and movement. Yet, the excelling of the gifts become what is known as artistry. The artistry of the voice and movement comes through the dutiful and careful application of professional guidance, bold instruction and experienced wisdom on a canvas longing to be that coveted work of art.

The A-Team Studios is a multi-faceted artist development boutique for revolutionary talent. The perfect artists for A-Team Studios are beyond out-of-the-box; they electrify the stage with indescribable talent.

Anita Wilson, Vocal Coach/Producer and Athena Cameron, Dancer/Choreographer/Performance Coach pour their passion for artist development and performance artistry into a growing pool of talent. With a combined entertainment industry career of more than 50 years; The A-Team caters to sharpening, strengthening and significantly defining the gifts that ignite potential artists. Place your gift in capable, dedicated and powerfully-nurturing hands where top shelf development is just the beginning of a stellar career. We are the definition of artist development - The A-Team Studios!

Our Team

  • Anita Wilson

    Owner/Vocal Coach/Business Manager


  • Athena Cameron

    Owner/Performance Coach/Choreographer


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